Our Dragon Rosie


I had a twinge of sadness this morning as I contemplated what to plant in the large empty space in front of our fence. It used to be home to our pet dragon Rosabelle. Rosie was born from a beautiful old scrub Maple. That Maple didn’t set the yard ablaze during the fall with gorgeous red and orange leaves, but the tree had good form and provided our family with much needed shade during our hot southern summers.

One morning I woke to the sound of chainsaws. As I watched out the window with tears rolling down my cheeks, our local fire department was ripping my sweet tree into chunks. It had quietly fallen over in the middle of the night through our fence and now blocked the road. The men graciously cleared it off the street to the edge of our property. The damage now provided an escape route for one of our more precocious dogs. It had to be fixed and quickly. Our fence got a temporary patch, but the tree continued to be a witness to everyone who liked to speed down our narrow road and catch air over the speed bumps.

After I got over my loss, visions of creatures started swirling about in my head. One of our friends came over with a chainsaw and carved a mouth and eyes. Then a year or so later Rosie grew legs and arms thanks to my husband’s fascination with ‘Great Stuff’. Another year passed, and he made wings, but they proved to be too cumbersome. I had a go of it using the abundance of bamboo we have and some good old burlap and our dragon had wings.

Rosie was a joy to my children as well as the kids in the surrounding neighborhoods. She became quite a celebrity and even made the cover of a local magazine.

But as Rosie matured she yearned to be with others of her kind. One day my children swore they saw another dragon lurking in the woods across the street. We knew it was just a matter of time. Rosie flew off one morning with a huge handsome dark dragon fellow. I am sure she is destined for some distant land where fire breathing, loud grumbling, and dragon babies are not frowned upon. We feel confident some day she will return for a visit and bring her dragon brood with her.

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Hand Painted Kimono

Who better to pave the way to a fabulous day than your personal shaman. Hand painted on silk embellished with fringe. Jammin to a little Koko Taylor here.

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Simple Centerpieces


I found these white emergency candles this past winter when I was planning a kids craft. The dollar store can be a great place when you have several kids planning on participating. They are 8″ in height, odorless and burn for a long time and yes, they only cost a dollar. I also purchased tissue paper and glue as well. Tissue paper is great to use when decorating candles because as the candle burns down, the paper is thin enough for the light to shine through.


Tissue paper, glue, mod podge, old paint brushes, scissors, and embellishments are some supplies you may need. If you plan on adding trim or beads a hot glue gun can come in handy.


process1HS  process2HS

You can precut your tissue paper, or rip it in pieces for a patchwork effect. Coat the outside of the glass candle holder with glue. I like to use a paint brush but if children are involved it may be easier to get the paper on with a glue stick. Don’t worry if it is not perfect the wrinkles add character. While your candle is still wet be careful because the tissue paper will easily tear. After you cover your candle in paper, let the glue dry. Then, coat it with Mod Podge. This will give it a nice finished sheen and a protective coating.


The candles are now clean and simple and perfect for spring. But you may want to embellish them a bit more. Ours are going on the Easter Bunny’s table so I want them to be a bit whimsical.


Rick rack, feather, beads and twine. Here are a few more ideas for you as well as some unique table decorations.

white2HS  blue1HS

Tissue Paper Candles

Tissue Paper Candles


blue-table2HS bluetable1HS  blue2aHS


whitemoss5HS whitemoss7HS

Last but not least these are the candles my children decorated with their friends over Christmas. Each child made two, one for each parent. The party dissolved into a huge wadded up tissue paper fight and spilled glue but there was a lot of laughter! If you want additional information about how I created the above candles, please feel free to comment, and I will give you additional step-by-step guides!



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Happy Easter


Sometimes all weekend at home with children, when you have a lot of plans, can be trying.

This weekend was packed full, a community Easter egg hunt, a surprise birthday party for a friend, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and then Easter dinner with family not to mention cleaning and getting ready for a busy week. But somehow it all flowed. We didn’t get irritated with each other, and everyone pitched in and helped.

As I was reading Sunday evening and giving thanks that everything went so smoothly, I came across a statement by Eugene H. Peterson. It was his interpretation of a lesson taught by Jesus.

” Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.”

I thought it was the perfect lesson for my weekend just let things go and happen how they happen. Find the right groove and let everything fall into place.

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