Happy Birthday, Zella!

My sweet girl is ten. We celebrated with a family night at Atlantic Seafood Company. It was one of those timeless evenings. Delicious food, excellent service and a whole lot of laughing!

Back then.



My family plus Zella's dear friend on our way out.

My family plus Zella’s dear friend on our way out.


Maybe not my best parenting moment but worth it!

With Thanks!


Sneak Peek of My Next Three Projects

It helps me to stay inspired by creating small still-lifes around my house. Cork boards are great but three-dimensional settings are often more helpful. I am in love with these antique bottle stoppers. The soft colors remind me of the glass you might find on a long beach walk that has washed up on shore weathered by the ocean.










I gave into one of my more youthful impulses and started three different projects this week. I will show you a little snippet of each and HOPEFULLY follow up with each of them upon their completion.


#1     The resurrection of my Mom’s yard from several years of neglect. It’s beautiful, overgrown and needs a lot of leaf clean up!




#2     My daughter’s room. My sweet girl just turned ten. She is officially a tween and wants a room to reflect her modern and grown up spirit. Mom is a little sad but excited about the project.










#3    I found this thrift store cabinet at a steal. I am not sure where I will be using it but I know I will be cutting, sanding, painting and adding some new elements to this piece.





Stay Tuned.

With Thanks!






Hand Painted Kimono

Watery blue silk kimono makes a great cover up over a camisole or even a bathing suit. Dress is up or wear it with a pair of jeans and boots. This one of a kind silk piece is hand painted and perfect spring through fall.

With Thanks!

Spring Break


It was a fabulous and busy week for my children. A short trip to Tennessee to visit family, multiple play dates, several spend the nights, a special trip to the zoo and Catch Air, then we finished the week with a cookout and birthday celebration with friends. I was exhausted this morning just thinking about everything, and thankful they were back in school early Monday. We are entering the home stretch toward the end of the school year. Six weeks and counting. My goal during the summer break is to make a huge effort to have some genuine down time, not to go at it at such a frenetic pace trying to get every experience and project completed, and to spend some time teaching my kids about delayed gratification.

With Thanks!


Motmot Scarf

The Turquoise-browed Motmot is native to Central America. The bird and silk scarf are hand-painted and one of a kind. Converts to an infinity scarf with a button and loop closure.

With Thanks!