The Battle of the Bugs


I had been anticipating my huge white clematis to put on a show this year when I noticed it was covered with nasty little green aphids. Those pale pear shaped bugs can wreak havoc on your plants if you don’t get rid of them. They can make leaves curl and become mottled, ruin blooms and hurt the overall health of your plant. One year we had an aphid infestation on our Crepe Myrtle, and before we knew it, the whole thing was covered in black sooty mold from the sticky slime these bugs secrete.




As you can see from the pictures, they get underneath the flowers and the backside of the leaves. Ladybugs feed on aphids, but unless you have a whole slew of them, the aphids will take over.


I started treating my plant with a combination of dish soap and water, but this didn’t faze the bugs. I found Dr. Earth Yard and Garden Insect Killer at Home Depot and after two applications they were gone. To get the best results try to spray under the leaves and flowers as well as on top.





Clematis8  clematis9

Although the leaves on my plant are still a bit damaged, my Clematis rewarded me with an awesome display of lovely white flowers.






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Graceful and Simple



Queen Anne’s Lace so simple and elegant. Pair it with vintage watering cans and you have an inexpensive and unique flower arrangement.



We have the privilege of living beside an outdoor Sunday school that operates from June until August. Years ago a man donated the property and the structure for the purpose of creating a non-denominational Sunday school. 2016 marks the small house of worship’s 60th Birthday.








I have used these same watering cans and delicate, whimsical flowers to decorate a casual outdoor wedding, summer birthdays, and picnics.








The lacy white flowers are also a perfect addition to heavier more dense, colorful flowers. This arrangement would be fun around  July 4th. I usually just cut these flowers from the side of the road. I know a lot of people find them invasive, but I haven’t had that problem. In fact, I have tried to save the seeds and get them to grow in my yard, but they refuse. If you are worried, just get rid of the arrangements before they go to seed. Oh and don’t make the mistake that I made, before you start cutting make sure you are not on someone else’s property!


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Your Go-To Outfit for Summer Concerts


Silk is such a great fabric to wear in the summer because it is light and cool which will definitely help with those temperatures in the 90s! I have paired this silk top with a bralette and a simple pair of jean shorts to create a great go-to outfit for summer. Whether you are going to a concert or getting dinner at the beach, this outfit is perfect for any fashionista. Also, bralettes are a huge summer staple because they allow you to wear revealing shirts without showing bra straps! Check out this bralette and many more from Victoria’s Secret, and remember, Victoria’s Secret has their Semi-Annual Sale coming up so look for these cute bralettes there! You can find all of these items by clicking below:

Dandelion Shirt , Victoria’s Secret Bralette , Shorts , Sandals , Necklace , Earrings , Arm Cuff

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Be BOLD this Summer in the Perfect Maxi Dress

BacklessDress Outfit

Summer concerts and festivals are right around the corner!!!! Whether you are going to see the Queen Bee herself or going to spend a week at Burning Man, you are going to need a fun and sexy outfit to enjoy and stand out in for those summer flings coming your way! This dress is one of the amazing vintage pieces that you can find from my etsy shop, The Gypsy Dragon. This dress’ bold pattern incorporates color and whimsy to give you a look to stand out in! All of the accessories are from Target, and you can easily click the links below. [Target is having a MAJOR Memorial Day Sale right now!] So, click below to get the perfect outfit for the summer!

The Gypsy Dragon Dress , Hat , Sunglasses , Bracelet , Earrings , Shoes





Hi, Everyone. I want you to meet June. She is my BFF, bestie, and closest confidant. I met June at a thrift store years ago and we hit it off. You meet the most interesting people out junking. We hung out for a bit but then I lost touch with her. June being a high fashion model is always on the go. But low and behold I caught up with her recently as she has been renting a basement room from my mother! Well, we picked up right where we left off.

June has become such a good friend over the years. She never gets snarky with me and she could care less if I cop an attitude with her. And believe me, that happens. Sometimes June won’t let you take her left arm off to help her get dressed, and she misplaced her hands about a year ago and expects me to find them for her. The nerve!

Unlike me, June has opted for no attachments. She likes to live a life of travel and glamour. She can take off at the drop of a wig. But lucky for me June likes to keep in touch she sends me photos and postcards from exotic places. June also considers wearing something more than once taboo.  I, fortunately, get all of her hand me downs. Today June has sent me some pictures of a wedding she just attended. She is wrapped in a vintage floral Victor Costa dress, adorned with sequins and lined with crinoline. She is passing this fun 1980’s dress on to my vintage shop The Gypsy Dragon.








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