Painted Stone!

Between the end of the school year, my children’s swim schedule and the Holiday weekend, things have been pretty crazy around here, but I have managed to squeeze in a small project.

I am not a big fan of red and brown brick tones, but I love painted brick, and the look is popping up all over Roswell, so why not painted stone?

Our house was built back in the 70’s by a builder, for his family, so it is pretty darn solid. But the stone that was used around the fireplace and on the front porch looks as though it was dug straight out of a Vulcan rock quarry and should have been used as rip rap to fill a drainage ditch.

A project just waiting to happen!

This little porch has listened to many summer storms roll in and has been the seat of numerous gatherings, but I have never liked how dark it is under there. The gray rock is just plain ugly plus the decor needs a bit of an update.

I had some leftover Kilz paint from another project and decided to water it down and paint my stone. There were a couple of inches of paint left in the bucket that I added a good bit of water too and then I just slapped it on the rock walls. It soaked in the more porous areas, and the holes and divets that the paint did not get into I just left as is. I didn’t have the time for perfection nor did I think this paint job required it.

Just this little area already has the light bouncing off the white paint into the living room!

I am so excited about how this project turned out. I will post the whole porch redo soon.