Window Works for my Tween.

My daughter’s bedroom like the rest of my house is an ongoing process. I just created these window panels for her room. She was eleven in April so I wanted something simple but a design that would still reflect her youth. I found these drapes at my local thrift store. They are a cotton-linen blend in a light oatmeal, and they are lined. The curtains were a bit too small for the window frames and too formal for Zella’s style, but nothing that a seam ripper couldn’t handle.


After ripping out all the pleats, I washed and dried the panels. They need a little repairing along the seams, so I ironed, pinned and stitched around the top and sides of the panels.

I created my font and cut the letters out to trace onto the fabric. There are thousands of fonts online to choose from, but I knew I would get lost in the search and waste a lot of time. Plus I wanted the letters to look like something my daughter would create, youthful and not too perfect.

Sewing markers or chalk works well for tracing on fabric. I spaced my letters where I wanted them and began tracing. The design needed to be high enough above the dresser and staggered on the two panels.


I chose gold to outline and fill my letters. Jacquard Fabric paints are washable and dry cleanable. I have used them on countless projects and always have good results. You can find them at Blick Art Materials or on Amazon.

I outlined my letters with a turquoise marker but didn’t like how dark it turned out, so I traced over the blue with a silver marker and still wasn’t pleased with the results. I decided to paint over the outline with silver fabric paint and was finally happy with the letters.

The finished product eco-friendly, personalized window panels for my sweet girl.

Find out what is behind Zella’s drapes in my next post.


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