Let Your Shoe Shine Redo… The End

Sometimes little changes make a big difference. Interesting heels have been all the rage lately, in keeping up with the trend I used Jacquard Textile Paints in bronze on these Anne Klein snakeskin boots to give them an update.


This is what the first coat will look like. I just used a regular paint brush and bronze colored textile paint.


Two coats were probably enough, but I applied three coats of paint then I finished the heels with a water based polyurethane to protect them. Use this application to revive any pair of heels.

For more shoe redos see my last three post and have fun painting.

Let Your Shoe Shine Redo #3

I think I am a bit obsessed! I am about to paint my third and fourth pair of shoes. Everyone loves the blush trend it is the new neutral and a great transitional color. And I think a perfect shade for these old black boots and clogs.

I mixed up a light blush with my Jacquard Textile Paints for these suede boots, but I watered down my paint too much for the first coat and had to add more.

I applied several coats to the top toe portion and above the heel of the boots with a stiff paint brush.

I wanted the top portion of the boot to be more textured, so I only added extra coats of paint here and there. But I think what makes these boots interesting is what isn’t painted.

Adding a little bronze to the inside of the boots also adds interest when wearing.

Dots of white iridescent paint created a pattern around the remaining black outline.

They look super cute with a denim skirt or rolled up jeans.

My black clogs were next. I used the same process as the boots but added a little more pink to my paint.

These shoes needed several coats of paints.

The rubber heels were painted blush first. I then coated them with brown leaving some of the light pink show through. After the brown had dried, I rubbed a little more pink on the heel with a paper towel to tone down the brown and added fine black lines for even more texture.

The inside of the shoe bothered me, so I painted a strip of gold on the inside of the clog and glued moleskin to cover the black area where my foot slides in. The moleskin is soft on the feet and also looks good with the new blush color of the clogs.

I sprayed both my painted boots and clogs with a water repellent. Jacquard textile paints are at Blick’s art supply and moleskin can be purchased at any pharmacy. I purchased mine at Target. It is a life saver for shoes that rub in the wrong places. Bear with me I have one more shoe redo and then I promise I will move on.

Let Your Shoe Shine Redo #2

These black loafers couldn’t be more comfortable, but they are dated, and I just don’t wear them anymore.  They were getting ready to be donated with several others things but thought they might look interesting painted white.

The shoes originally had a black and silver buckle across the top of them that I cut off.


I envisioned these shoes white with a small print. Unlike the Ugg slippers in the previous post, I wanted these shoes to look hand-painted and unique.  Jacquard Textile Paints come in a range of colors. The white typically needs either the Jacquard extender or water added to make it more fluid.

These are just a few of the colors available.

 The paint was applied with a stiff brush creating a rough textured appearance. I pushed the paint into the seams and also covered the rubber heals. If you want a more consistent finish, you can always add another coat of paint.

 The design needed to be subtle and casual, shoes that I could wear with jeans.

The pattern is reminiscent of American Indian beadwork. I didn’t mix the paints but used them straight out of the bottle, and I also didn’t worry too much about making the pattern look perfect.

The rubber on the heel and toe was painted a copper color. After it had dried I rubbed a light coat of white on top to tone the copper down a bit.

The finished product. Fun and original.

These next loafers were just a light brown conservative shoe. I think the owl and the peace sign give them an interesting bohemian look.

Look for more ways to salvage old shoes tomorrow.

Let Your Shoe Shine Redo #1

It’s Spring!

“Out with the old and in with the new,” right? Not so fast. Before you start donating and tossing take a moment to think of the possibilities….

I had a pile of shoes ready to donate when those little wheels of creativity that never seem to take a break started rolling and I started painting, cutting and gluing. The next few post will be all about bringing your old shoes back to life again.

My Uggs have served me well. They have been through rain, sleet, and snow keeping my toes warm and cozy. I took them in last year for a thorough cleaning but this year decided the gray was a bit drab for me. I am about to put them away for the spring, but I have a feeling that the rose gold color I am going to paint them will be a nice surprise for me next fall.

Jacquard Fabric Paints are one of my favorites! They come in a wide range of colors and can be used for all kinds of projects. For my slippers, I used a Bright Gold for my base coat and applied it with a paintbrush. I tested the color on a scrap piece of leather before painting it on my slippers.

I didn’t take the leather laces out because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get them back in so I carefully painted around them. The few drops of gold I got on them easily rubs off with an emery board or small piece of sand paper.


After coating the whole shoe with gold paint twice I watered down some black and applied it first with a brush then rubbed it in with a paper towel.

This toned the gold down a bit.

Next, I added a pink and again used a paper towel to rub the color in. I wanted my Uggs to be more of a rose gold.

I love how they turned out!

Look for more shoe tutorials this week.

For those of you that would rather just go shop for your shoes I bet there are some great sales out there on winter slippers!