10 Outfits to Help You Transition into Spring

The weather has been a little crazy lately especially in the South. One week it’s cold and the next it’s hot. Here are some outfits that help you dress for any type of weather as we transition from Winter to Spring.

Jacket, Adidas Top, Bag, Leggings, Shoes

Cardigan, Jeans, Shirt, Shoes, Ring

Dress, Knee High Boots, Necklace, Cardigan, Coach Bag

Top, Jeans, Choker, Watch and Bracelets, Bag, Flats

Shoes, Dress, Earrings

Shirt, Jeans, Shoes, Watch, Bag

Blouse, Jeans, Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Bag

Top, Leggings, Shoes, Fitbit Watch

Skirt, Top, Heels, Earrings, Bag

Leggings, Sweater, Choker, Sneakers, Bucket Bag

Wear It 5 Ways: The Silk Scarf

You can pair this beautiful silk scarf five different ways. Check out this scarf and many more of my silk scarf designs by checking out my fashion line, Daria Pardue Designs.

Tie the scarf around the neck in “The Waterfall” style. This outfit is great for work or for hanging out with the girls on the town.

Dress, Shoes, Handbag, Earrings

A modern one loop is the perfect addition to this all white outfit. It will also showcase the beautiful bird on the sleeve.

Shirt, Pants, Necklace, Handbag, Shoes

The bunny ear knot is the great way to put a polished look on these jeans. It’s a great way to work casual Fridays at the office.

Jeans, Shirt, Sandals, Handbag, Ring

Drape the scarf over the neck to create a sophisticated and professional look for this outfit.

Pants, Top, Jacket, Sandals, Cross body Bag, Bangle

Drape the scarf again in this outfit to perfectly compliment this jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit, Wedges, Tote, Bracelet

The Drifter





  The road has been long, the walking weary

But waking up in the morning with a tune lightens my mind as I set my sights on a new destination

Earning a buck here and there, trading my message for a meal

A Drifter’s life always facing the unknown with contemplation and

Mostly alone

The color this week is green, light green, hunter green any shade of green. This Vintage leather jacket can be found in my Etsy shop,  The Gypsy Dragon. Hand-painted scarves are in my Etsy shop, Daria Pardue Designs. The light heather tee shirt and jeans are from the Gap. Shop the booties here.