Faux Fur Fun






Winter or early spring the weather can’t make up its mind. For the days old man winter visits this vintage coat and hat are cozy and warm. I love to mix the old and new. It makes for a more interesting outfit, plus you won’t ever have the same thing on as your girlfriend.

To get a similar look…

Fur coat: Topshop, Saks, Bloomingdales

Cashmere Turtleneck:  J.CrewLord & Taylor

Grey frayed jeans:  Free People, Free People Rascal Snippet JeansJ. Crew, Target





The Freedom of the Seventies…for two days.

Most people have heard some of the lists of time and age comparisons. You know the ones where they say “when I was growing up children didn’t wear helmets, and we were able to roam around the neighborhood all afternoon unsupervised. Our parents made us go outside and play, and we didn’t receive a trophy unless we actually won the final game.” There are so many of these comparisons, some are funny and nostalgic, others I think ‘well, thank goodness we don’t do that anymore!’

Our neighborhood is mostly middle class, working people. There are many families with children, but there are also young single people and retired people. It is a diverse group who for the most part have a great appreciation for our small town. Although we are a suburb of Atlanta and right next door to bustling Roswell when you enter the tree-lined hills of our city, you have the feeling you somehow took a wrong turn and ended up in a kooky remote mountain community.

Most people that choose to live here want to stay. Because of that, there is a group of us that have been friends since our children were babies, some even knew each other in college, and some have just joined our group in the last few years while others have taken jobs on the west coast and are still missed. Although we all have different parenting strengths and skills, I feel like the one thing we have been successful at as a group is retaining the innocence of our children. Our kids are outside all the time (even when it is cold or drizzling), they ride bikes, they play hide and seek, they make up the craziest family and pretend school games. But they are not allowed to run willy nilly all over the neighborhood without supervision. The older kids, if there is more than two of them can go further on their bikes and walk to each other’s houses with phones, so we are always aware of where they are. But cars still drive too fast through our narrow streets and unfortunately there is always the worry of something happening to one of our children.

Last week when it snowed those concerns were put aside. For two days most roads were impassable, and the main road had only one lane accessible for a truck. So the band of besties became a band of free range children. At any given time there were up to fourteen of them sledding and roaming from one families house to the next. They ate lunch here and there, begged for hot chocolate, played board games during breaks and left piles of dirty, sodden gloves, hats and snow pants for parents to dry until they were out the door again. We communicated by text updating the next mother or father of their whereabouts and the food they devoured.

Two days of freedom. The youngest four and the oldest twelve all looking out and helping each other. It was a life experience that rarely happens and in my opinion one of the best they will ever have.

The Band of Besties minus a few.



A Little Inspiration

So this is around the time when New Years’ Resolutions sometimes hit a wall. Whether you partied too much over the three day weekend, or you are finally hitting your workout wall, here is a message from everyone: You can do this! Every New Year, pretty much everyone has some goal or something that they want to change/achieve with the upcoming year. If you are like the majority of people, these goals and dreams get pushed to the side due to this little thing called Life that gets in the way. However, this IS your year. Make this year the best year ever. Push harder and keep going. Don’t let your setbacks become pitfalls. It’s okay to miss a workout or eat that extra piece of chocolate cake, just hit the grind the next day. If you are struggling to find some motivation, I like to watch cheesy montage videos on Youtube. Below are some of my favorite inspiring videos to help you get out there and accomplish your dreams!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney