And the next cape is…


This Rich Emerald Cape evokes all the feelings of fall, paired with tan suede pants and embroidered boots. Although the temperatures are still warm, the leaves are starting their display. The silk cape is the perfect top for those cooler autumn evenings. Wear alone or layer it. Looks great dressed up or with a pair of weathered jeans.




The body of this cape is silk charmeuse, and the trim is habotai silk. Both are hand dyed. The trim is dyed a chocolate brown. This is an original design and available in my Etsy shop, Daria Pardue and at the Holiday Traditions Art and Craft show at Marist School in Atlanta Ga.











For more information on this silk top, please see my Etsy shop Daria Pardue or visit me at the Holiday Traditions Art and Craft Show at Marist School on Saturday, October 29th.

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Fun Last-Minute Ideas for Kids’ Halloween Costumes


I LOVE Halloween! It’s fun for everyone! My family loves to create our own Halloween costumes, but as my kids have gotten older and busier, I find that I don’t have enough time to dedicate spending hours creating my own Halloween costumes for them. Also, it feels like October flew by, and Halloween is suddenly less than a week away -I blame the less than Fall-like weather that is happening in Georgia. So, if you are like me and are scrambling to make your kids Hallow-scary dreams come true, take a look at these 10 last minute Kids’ Halloween costumes to give you some ideas.



After this movie hit theaters, I swear all I heard for the next few months was the song “Try Everything” by Shakira. Officer Judy is a great option for your son or daughter, and if you want to forgo the mask, you can paint a cute bunny face on your child.


pawpatrol2    pawpatrol1  pawpatrol3  pawpatrol4

Whether your child wants to be Rubble, Skye, Chase, or Marshall, there are plenty of options to have them dress up as their favorite TV show “Paw Patrol”. These costumes are super cute, and I think it would be even more fun to face paint them to look like a dog. And, if they need a pal to accompany them, have your family dog(s) dress up as the other characters.


starwars1   starwars2 starwars3 starwars4 starwars5 starwars6  starwars7

This is an obvious choice. Star Wars is pretty much every kids obsession. Personally, I would love to go as Rey for Halloween, and that Finn costume is ADORABLE! But, the majority of kids particularly the boys in my life are obsessed with Darth Vader. So, for this Halloween let the force be with you!


superheros1 superheros2 superheros3 superheros4 superheros5 superheros6 superheros7 superheros8  superheros9

Whether you are a fan of the Marvel or DC Universe, superheros are a favorite among kids. There is a superhero for every type of child, and you can even go as a superhero family if you are feeling the superhero theme. My family likes having the kids be the superheros and the adults being the villains.


descendants1   descendants2

My daughter loves Disney’s The Descendants, so these outfits are a personal favorite with her. Evie and Mal are fun, and these costumers are practical for older girls. Plus, the wigs are super cute!


tmnt1 tmnt2 tmnt3 tmnt4 tmnt5 tmnt6 tmnt7 tmnt8

These costumes are cute and are classics. Everyone will know who your kids are. If your Halloween is going to be a little chilly, you can always add leggings underneath the skirts for the girls’ costumes.


minions1 minions2

Frankly, I believe that you don’t need a costume for kids to look like a minion…haha…just kidding. Little kids in particular love minions, but just beware (as parents), you will be listening to your child speak utter nonsense the second that you put this costume on them. So, think twice before making this decision…haha


minecraft1  minecraft2

Personally, I am not a big fan of Minecraft, and I think these costumes are kind of creepy. But, kids are obsessed with this game! If your child wants to display their obsession with the game, then these are some good costume ideas for you.


ghostbusters1  ghostbusters2

A lot of my kids friends are going as a ghostbuster! If you can’t find any of these costumes left, then you can go as Slimer.


villains1 villains2villains4  villains3

If your kids don’t want to be the hero, then they can definitely be the villain. I guess it’s okay to be bad one night of the year, right?

All of these costumes are from Party City, but you can find any similar costumes at other places like Target, Wal-Mart, etc. or re-create your own from items in your own closet! Remember to not let the stress of the holiday months interfere with enjoying every moment with your family. Although our children can sometimes stress us out and annoy us, it is important to cherish the moment and create memories now because they really do grow up so fast. May you have a wonderful and spooky Halloween.

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The Red Cape

No hiding from the Big Bad Wolf in this top. Hand dyed deep magenta cape with a rich chocolate brown trim. The body of this top is silk charmeuse and the trim is habotai silk. It is an original design available in my Etsy shop, Daria Pardue. The dye on this cape has a washed out aged feel and looks great paired with jeans, bohemian wood clogs, and an embroidered vintage bag. I also think it would look fabulous around the Holidays. Wear alone as a top or layer it.












For this and more silk items, please see my Etsy shop, Daria Pardue or visit me at the Holiday Traditions Art and Craft Show at Marist School in Atlanta Ga. on Saturday, October 29th.

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Greyish, Bluish, Silverish

However, you describe the color this silk cape is a must for your wardrobe. Here in the South, fall and winter can see temperatures in the upper sixties so sometimes all you need is a silk cape to throw on. An original design, this hand dyed circular cape is just one of the many items that will be available on my Etsy site Daria Pardue and at the Marist Holiday Traditions Art and Craft Show on October 29th.










My cape is made from a silk charmeuse with a silk Habotai trim. Both the body of the cape and trim were hand dyed. After it was heat set and washed out, I cut out my design and crafted the three circles into a cape. Although I have it paired here with a Douglas Hannant skirt and handpainted boots it easily dresses down with jeans and booties. I have three more colors in this cape that I will be posting in the next week.

Please visit me at the Marist Holiday Traditions Art and Craft Show on Saturday, October 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything at this show is Handmade!

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