Lunch on the Run!

It is a luxury if I have the time to sit down for lunch.  Around here it is go, go, go and then go some more. I find if I don’t have something nutritious prepared then I either skip my mid-day meal altogether, or I cram something unhealthy in my mouth to get through the day. My power shake saves me most days, plus it is super healthy.

Keep in mind there are multiple ways to prepare this shake. My measurements are just approximate you can adjust them according to your taste.









1 Cup Almond Milk

4 to 5 large Strawberries (frozen or fresh)

A large handful of Blueberries (frozen or fresh)

A couple of handfuls of Spinach

1 Banana or a little honey (not shown)

1 Tablespoon of Powder Wheat Grass

1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder

1/2 Teaspoon of Tumeric

1/2 Teaspoon of Ginger

pinch of Cayenne

1 Scoop or about 2 Tablespoons of Garden of Life Perfect Food Energizer



There are a few other things I add occasionally.

1 Teaspoon of Liver Cleanse. I buy my herbs at the Bulk Herb Company online and follow their recipe.

I love this chocolate flavored Raw Protein Powder. It beefs up my shake and tastes good.

I also add Spirulina when I am feeling like I need an extra kick, but it is not my favorite.


Combine everything in a blender and blend until smooth. Depending on how much fruit and spinach you use, you may have to add a little more Almond Milk.

Out the door with my shake and Go Mom Go!

With Thanks!




Peacocks, Race cars and American Flags!


A Patriotic Project

I have to admit I am like a kid when it comes to things that light up! We have a Maple tree that we keep lit up all year with little white lights. They are set on a timer so every time the sun starts to set the lights pop on and brighten up my deck.

The peacock was crafted for my daughter’s room and the car lights up my son’s room. I had a piece of wood left over and decided it was the perfect time to make an American flag.


If you look online, there are precise measurements to follow to make an American Flag. I improvised a bit on the measurements for ease and lack of time. My flag is approximately 26″ by 48″. There are fifty stars and thirteen stripes. The stripes are 2″ and the blue area is 18″ across by 16″ down. The stars are 2.5″.


I cut my board, but Home Depot can make your cuts for you. I used a circular saw and an electric sander.


After sanding my soon to be flag, I coated the whole piece of wood twice with a white water-based pickling stain.


There are a lot of star patterns online. I cut a few out and placed them just to make sure my measurements were going to work before tracing the stars onto my wood.


I love the watercolor look of wood stain, and I think Catty approves as well although who can tell with that smug look he likes to flaunt.



After my flag was painted, I drilled a small hole in each star, sanded a little around the holes and touched up the paint. (Next time I will drill the holes before painting!)  The front and back were coated with several layers of clear water-based polyurethane. The holes are just big enough for a small white light to fit in. I am just using regular lights because I had a few boxes around, but will probably switch to LED lights in the future.


The lights and stick on hangers are from Target.


I fitted the lights into each hole. Because I want to be able to change them out, I covered the lights with the screen held in place with thumbtacks. The screen keeps the lights from coming out, and the thumbtacks are easy to remove.



There are a hundred lights on this strand. The remaining lights I attached with stick on plastic hooks. I am hoping this backlights the flag at night, but I may need to add more.



I am not sure where my flag will end up, but for now, it is either going to hang on a tree or my fence for the Fourth of July.  Two screws and some chain are holding up my flag, but if I move it inside, I will switch this to some hidden picture wire.


Our Flag lit up during the day.


Our Flag at night with a small spot light shining on it.


My son’s car is back lit with blue LED lights.




My daughter’s peacock has blue Led lights in drilled holes like the flag.


Happy July Fourth!!!

With Thanks!