Bamboo and Blue


The beginning of Zella’s room Redo.

My husband and I had never installed a wood or bamboo floor so we didn’t take into consideration how long it would take for it to ship or acclimate to our house before we moved my daughter out of her room.

TWO weeks to ship and TWO weeks to acclimate to our house!

If you had told me it would take four plus weeks just for the floor, I would have laughed, cried, and immediately postponed the project. As many of you can imagine, living without one less room in my house with two children is not the most ideal of situations. How we are surviving, I will never know! But, fortunately we are managing, and we got to install this beautiful flooring! Just for the record, flooring is expensive, and if you can install it you will be saving a TON of money. I have listed out the steps below to help you install flooring in your house!



Steps to Transforming Zella’s room.

Packed and cleared the room.

Packing up and moving everything out of her room was easier than I anticipated. The lack of space in our house is always a challenge, so I wasn’t sure where it all was going to go.

We took off the trim and pulled the carpet and pad.


Patched and sanded holes in the walls.

Vacuumed the floor and wiped down the walls.

Removed the doors.

Painted the ceiling, walls and trim around the ceiling.



Prepped the floor. Removed all staples and tacks that held the padding down.

Purchased a Multi Tool to cut the door trim so the bamboo floor would fit underneath it.


“Do you Really have to photograph me while I work?!”


Cut trim. Swept and vacuumed again.


We put a dense foil underlay down. This padding helps with slight imperfections in your base floor and it is also a moisture barrier.


After the pad was installed, we started on the floating bamboo floor. It is a simple click and lock system that does not require nails or glue.


This project would have been much harder without our Miter saw. It is important that your seams are staggered by two rows and spaced more than 12″ apart so the boards had to be cut accordingly.



 The remaining area is too narrow for the width of the bamboo, so it needed to be cut lengthwise to the proper width with the table saw. After the last boards are installed, you can add the thresholds.


Our new trim was already primed white, so all it needed was one coat of semi-gloss.

The trim was cut and installed. And the paint was touched up.


Normally I would not spend $5.oo on a faceplate, but these matched the new wall color perfectly.



Things to keep in mind.

This was our first time installing a bamboo floor so of course, we consulted the internet for direction. Dave came across a great video by Miter 10. Click here to watch. Keep in mind Scott shows you a group of tools at the beginning of the video that you will need, but don’t bank on getting by with some hand tools. We used a Miter Saw, Table Saw and we purchased a Multi Tool to cut the door trim. I am always excited to get a new piece of equipment, and this battery operated tool made installing the floor much easier. We also bought a Flooring Installation Kit which includes spacers, tapping block and pull bar.

I recommend watching this video not only because it is easy and informative, but being from New Zealand, Scott’s terminology for a few of the items is hilarious. Spacers, used to hold the bamboo away from the wall are “Peckers” and “Skirting” translates to trim here in the States.

Dave and I sailed through this installation together. Someone who has tackled this type of project before could handle it on their own, but I think it is much easier with two people.

If you have any questions or need further instructions or help please feel free to comment or email me at!

Stay tuned for the next part of my daughter’s bedroom transformation! Next will be Loft Building and Decorating!

With Thanks!



The Sleepover Pancake.

Most days my house feels like a revolving door of children. They come in and out and half the time I don’t know which friends are here and who has left. This is the joy of living in a neighborhood of longtime friends, and I have to admit I love it! We have a lot of sleepovers, so breakfast is often a big deal. I find children these days are pickier than when I was growing up, or it may just be the simple fact that I wasn’t given a choice. You ate what was put in front of you, and you gave thanks for your meal. BUT I do strive to keep the little people happy, and I don’t know too many kids who don’t love a chocolate chip pancake. Because there is usually not enough time to flip a huge stack of flapjacks I make one big Sleepover Pancake.




Please keep in mind the amount of the ingredients may vary due the size of the pan you use. I cooked this pancake for our family of four in a 10″ pan. I am using a frying pan that can be put directly in the oven. Please make sure yours is oven safe.

2 cups of pancake mix

5 eggs (2 eggs are what I would normally use but I am always trying to get my son to eat more protein)

1 1/4 cup of milk (we like whole milk)

Chocolate chips are optional, if I were making this for myself, I would use blueberries instead.

A dollop of coconut oil to grease the pan.


Preheat oven to 350.’

Whisk pancake mix, eggs, and milk together getting as many lumps out as you have time for.



Melt a teaspoon or less of coconut oil in the pan you are going to cook in. I love coconut oil so I error on the heavy side.

Pour the whisked ingredients into the pan.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips around. Most of the chocolate chips sank to the bottom, but you can see a stray chip to the left.




Put the whole pan in the oven for approximately 17 minutes. The time may vary in your oven. Check the pancake with a toothpick and use an oven mitt to take your pan out of the oven. It is easy for me to forget to use a mitt when cooking with a frying pan.




This five egg version is a bit spongey for most people, but my son doesn’t know the difference yet. Making the Sleepover Pancake with two eggs will help it be less dense.

With Thanks!


Cabinet Redo Finally Finished!

Between Swim team and a lack of routine during summer break it has been hard to finish anything around here. But the bathroom cabinet redo is done, and I am going to fill you in on the last steps of my process. You can read about the beginning steps of the project here.

When I finished the first tutorial, I was getting ready to attach the legs to the base of my cabinet. Goop was used to hold them in place for drilling.



I attached the legs to the shelf with my drill, countersinking the screws.


Flat wood plugs in the holes and wood filler covered the screw holes. You may have to tap the wood plugs in with a tack hammer. If your holes are not deep enough, you can sand the area down, so they are flush with the existing wood.


cabinet2  cabinet4

The wood filler is used to fill any nail holes and nicks that were the result of taking apart the original cabinet. After the filler had dried, I sanded everything smooth.


When the cabinet and base were wiped clean, I was ready to paint. I started painting with a combination primer and paint because that is what I had on hand. I soon discovered that this wasn’t going to work, and I put a coat of Kilz paint primer on first. I was then able to finish the wood with two coats of semi-gloss white paint.


I don’t have much luck with paint tape so the glass on the doors required a little bit of scraping before I could put it all back together.

Hardware that came off the cabinet when I started the project.



The back and doors were reattached using the same screw that were previously holding the parts together.


The hutch was now ready to be put on top of the base. I didn’t want it to move around, so I added mending plates to the back, plus I am going to secure this whole cabinet to the wall. It is narrow and top heavy, but it is going to be perfect for the space it is going to serve.

cabinet-11  Cabinet12


Cleaning up for the finished photo


For my first building project of this size I am pretty happy with the outcome. There are a few things I would do differently, but it was a great learning experience, and I have a much needed storage space for my bathroom. My daughter picked out the glass door pulls from a great Etsy shop .    Stay tuned for a final picture of this piece in my bathroom!

With Thanks!


10 Outfits for Every Summer Occasion




Sunshine, outdoors, pool time and picnics is what #summer is for! This #plaid dress is the perfect outfit to accompany you on your outdoor adventures this summer! This #vintage dress would look great paired with a straw hat and a good belt to show off those curves!  It is also a great outfit to transition into fall. You can shop all of these items by clicking below:

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I love the romper look, but I don’t love having to take off your entire outfit just to visit the loo. This matched combo set gives the look of a romper with the ease of separates, and when you have kids convenience is a must! The material is lightweight enough to keep you cool on a hot summer day, and the cotton fabric allows you to get wet (my kids have swim practice every day, so being splashed with pool water is a daily occurrence) and dry quickly. Click below to shop this entire outfit:

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GardenPartyDress (2)


The idea of going to a garden party might seem a bit old-fashion, but I love having parties outside during the summer! Whether it’s for book club, a girls get-together, a family gathering, or just sipping a glass of wine by myself, my garden is a lovely place to hang out. This vintage dress from The Gypsy Dragon is a perfect reflection of what can be found in any flower garden. Pair a belt with this dress alongside some carefully placed accessories to give this shift dress more shape and flare. Click below to purchase the products in the picture.

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BurningManOutfit (2)


Burning Man is said to be an experience that you will always remember and must have for your bucket list. This dusty rose dress is the perfect compliment to the desert landscape, and the lightweight material will keep you cool and breezy. Click below to shop this outfit:

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Having a fabulous house robe will make sipping on that gin and tonic or old fashioned that much better! This vintage housecoat is perfect for a late night sunset or an early morning sunrise with a cup of tea. The quilted pattern is comfortable and will keep you warm and toasty. Click the links below to shop this outfit.

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ADayattheZoo (1)


Stand out like this beautiful handpainted pink flamingo! This dress is festive and fun! Keep the outfit simple by pairing it with hoops, sandals, and a great bag, and you will have a one of a kind outfit to enjoy the zoo or ladies lunch date! Click below to shop this outfit.

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Ice cream and frozen yogurt are some of the best treats during the summer time! This lightweight knit dress is perfect to slip on and get out the door to go to the pool or grab some ice cream! I rarely have a minute to myself to style my outfit for the day, but if you do, pair this dress with a belt, gladiator sandals, your favorite bangles, and you will look super chic! Click below to shop this outfit.

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GirlfriendDress (1)

Whether you are going shopping, grabbing a bite to eat, or taking in a matinee, a girl’s day out is always fun! This linen wrap dress is lightweight and feminine. The floral accent adds interest to the yellow and white stripe. You can shop this outfit by clicking the links below.

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Summer is all about romance. This hand painted silk kimono adds a feminine touch to your wardrobe for date night. Wear it to a friends art show or an outdoor concert. It is one of a kind! You can also custom order the design, so feel free to comment below or email for a custom kimono. To shop this outfit click below.

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EveryDayChic (1)

Last but not least is a go-to outfit for summer. Denim is going to be big this season. A denim dress is perfect for the summer months and transitions into the fall. Pair this dress from Forever 21 with a funky scarf from Daria Pardue Designs and some sweet kicks, and you have a great go-to outfit. Click below to shop this outfit!

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Have fun and stay fashionable this summer ladies!

With Thanks!