Be BOLD this Summer in the Perfect Maxi Dress

BacklessDress Outfit

Summer concerts and festivals are right around the corner!!!! Whether you are going to see the Queen Bee herself or going to spend a week at Burning Man, you are going to need a fun and sexy outfit to enjoy and stand out in for those summer flings coming your way! This dress is one of the amazing vintage pieces that you can find from my etsy shop, The Gypsy Dragon. This dress’ bold pattern incorporates color and whimsy to give you a look to stand out in! All of the accessories are from Target, and you can easily click the links below. [Target is having a MAJOR Memorial Day Sale right now!] So, click below to get the perfect outfit for the summer!

The Gypsy Dragon Dress , Hat , Sunglasses , Bracelet , Earrings , Shoes





Hi, Everyone. I want you to meet June. She is my BFF, bestie, and closest confidant. I met June at a thrift store years ago and we hit it off. You meet the most interesting people out junking. We hung out for a bit but then I lost touch with her. June being a high fashion model is always on the go. But low and behold I caught up with her recently as she has been renting a basement room from my mother! Well, we picked up right where we left off.

June has become such a good friend over the years. She never gets snarky with me and she could care less if I cop an attitude with her. And believe me, that happens. Sometimes June won’t let you take her left arm off to help her get dressed, and she misplaced her hands about a year ago and expects me to find them for her. The nerve!

Unlike me, June has opted for no attachments. She likes to live a life of travel and glamour. She can take off at the drop of a wig. But lucky for me June likes to keep in touch she sends me photos and postcards from exotic places. June also considers wearing something more than once taboo.  I, fortunately, get all of her hand me downs. Today June has sent me some pictures of a wedding she just attended. She is wrapped in a vintage floral Victor Costa dress, adorned with sequins and lined with crinoline. She is passing this fun 1980’s dress on to my vintage shop The Gypsy Dragon.








With Thanks!

Silk Kimono Cardigan

Hollywood, Old glamour, Couture. These words come to mind when I look at this silk piece. Picture yourself on a cruise or out at a swanky restaurant in this one of a kind kimono cardigan. Hand painted silk with vintage trim.

Mondays with Mom



I love how my Mom looks in her garden clothes and wide brim straw hat. She is in her early seventies but has more energy than most people I know half her age. She is also one of the most creative people I know! Over the years, we have tackled countless projects together. She has helped me move numerous times, made apartments and old houses habitable, recovered thrift store furniture, and decorated room after room. One of my most favorite things we have worked on together is her yard. Hours of sweating back-breaking labor! Ha! But there is something so therapeutic and rewarding after a day in the garden and the gratification you get at the end of the afternoon when you get to survey all of your hard work.

But in the past ten years, all that has taken a backseat to my son and daughter. Mom would help me with my children, but our projects and her yard were neglected. Recently my kids have become a little more independent, and I have been able to spend some good quality time with my Mom. I have missed her quirky wisdom and laughter. It ‘s nice to have my best friend back.

My Mom does not like to get rid of things. Over the years, she has purchased plants and set them here and there. Sometimes they get put in the ground, but more often than not they just sit there. There are empty plastic pots everywhere! She stores them behind her barns, she stacks them in various places but refuses to throw any of them away. There are always jokes among friends and family “Lady can you spare a pot?” “Your Mom has a pot garden!” “What do you think should we bury her with all this pot?” I asked her recently if we could just get one of those big dumpsters and throw all the pots away because there is probably a thousand of them. She just laughed and replied, “Daria, you never know when you are going to need a pot.”

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day.

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Color Inspiration

My daughter and I have been discussing design options for her room. Luckily she likes a lot of the same colors as I do. I am trying to give her free reign, and so far I am impressed with her choices. We put together a few items and pictures to get inspired and help us get started.





This project began with a school assignment.  Zella is in fourth grade and had to write a persuasive essay at school, the children then had to read their essays during a presentation for parents. There were several funny and outlandish requests, but Zella made a great argument about why she need a loft bed in her room. I have wanted to replace her carpet for some time, so the project turned into a full blown room redo. I lucked out at a thrift store recently and found the steps and storage that attach to a loft bed. Now all we have to do is paint them and purchase or build the bed.

Loft1HR  loft2HR  loft3HR

I didn’t have to sand this piece of furniture, but it requires a couple of coats of primer before we paint it a bright white.

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